New venture for Danny with Telescopic 

Telescopic is the new band formed by Neil Churchill. Danny was asked back in August if he would like to lead the band as Neil believed Danny's vocals would suit the feel of the album. Now three months down the line we are ready to release our first single - Face Free. When asked about the track Neil Churchill said "The Track Face Free is about the addiction to social media. And the manipulation of the people by the Global Companies that run the sites. Using valuable resources to power their Data Centres while the rain forest are destroyed and the polar ice caps melt. Trapped in their Digital Reality promoting self image while war rages, children gassed. Web sites allow preachers of hate to show their in humanity and violence towards others. All this as the planet is destroyed by our consumerism and greed to be just like the bling reality star idols we aspire to be. So my "Pretty Face' wake up before its to late be an individual Face Free and Join the New Underground".


War of the worlds 2018 

Vali ohm headquarters were very excited when we found out that Danny was going to double for Robert Carlyle in the BBC's 2018 production of War of the Worlds. We can not say anything about the production at this stage however, Variety magazine did sate - Production is underway on the first-ever British television adaptation of H.G. Wells’ “The War of the Worlds,” with the aliens set to invade Britain later this year. Filming is taking place in Liverpool on the three-part BBC drama. If you would like to read the full Variety article click on the photo of Danny in Robert Carlyle's costume. 

Fragile Earth released today  

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Helloooo to all VO aficionado's.
A big thank you!! to all of you that have pre-ordered the new album at the discounted price, I hope you enjoy it, your CD's will be in the post soon!!
So......Today 17th March 2017 is the official release date of the album. It really is good to know that you are still keeping real music alive and
supporting us in our endeavor to protect our planet and animals that walk upon it.
We just can't thank you enough. If you would like to buy the album please click on the album cover.
Love and peace Vali ohm....

Featured roll for Danny in psychological short. 

Rehearsals which involved an aggressive fight scene, followed by a desperate attempt to coax a confession while looking down the barrel of a 45mm ended last week.
Again and Again and Again
is the title of the film. It is directed by Mariana Valente and stars Jennifer Claire as Maggie, Anthony Chisholm as Sawyer and our Danny as William the psychoneurotic killer. Danny said " the rehearsal went without any complications and the filming that finished today was intense. We wrapped at 20:30, again without any dilemmas. I'm pretty sure I am going to have a few bruises from the gun being thrust into my neck and chest. But all in all, what an amazing experience". The film should be completed by March next year so if you would like to see it, send use you name and email via our contact page and we will send you a link as soon as we get a copy.